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Gran Turismo 7, free in VR: “my worries were unfounded”

The SIE Project Manager explained why Gran Turismo 7 in VR will be a must-have product for virtual racers.

Gran Turismo 7, free in VR: "my worries were unfounded"
Gran Turismo 7, free in VR: “my worries were unfounded”

Gran Turismo 7 , the latest installment in the  real driving simulator series that has been available for a few months on PlayStation consoles, is about to experience a second youth thanks to the free update for PS VR2 .


The original game (which you can find on  Amazon  at an attractive price) is about to experience a second youth, beyond the contents and cars released on a regular basis.

And while  Gran Turismo 7  will probably  never come to PC , PlayStation users will soon be able to enjoy virtual reality as well .


Now, as we had already anticipated in recent days , Sony has taken stock of the VR version of GT7 , arriving for free at the end of February .

James Stavrinides , Project Manager of SIE, has in fact explained via PS Blog the reasons why Gran Turismo 7 in VR will be a truly unmissable product for virtual pilots.


«Gran Turismo 7 boasts stunning graphics, but I thought the conversion to PS VR 2 might involve some obvious (but understandable) compromises. Having said that, I am happy to say that my concerns were unfounded , ” Stavrinides explained.


« Image quality and sharpness are noticeably better than GT Sport and I’ve never had to weigh the pros and cons of the graphics against those of sessions played on a ‘flat’ TV».

And again: «Players can now look at the over 450 cars in the game using the VR Showroom , accessible from the Garage. This mode appears to be the natural culmination of Polyphony’s massive efforts to bring cars to life.”

« Being able to look around freely during a race offers undeniable advantages, both in terms of performance and immersion in the virtual world» , added the Project Manager.


Not only that: «PS VR2 also offers a new perspective on the tracks. For example, the heights of Dragon Trail look very huge and imposing, while the desert of Willow Springs has a very desolate feeling.”

Staying on the VR theme, a few hours ago we had the opportunity to test PS VR2 and Horizon Call of the Mountain by hand : here’s what we think about it in our preview !

Going back to GT7 instead , every single new playable car can take up to 270 days of development: Kazunori Yamauchi reveals it .

Finally, The passion for racing cars will also arrive on the big screen: the first official trailer revealed the behind-the-scenes look at the Gran Turismo film ,


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