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GPU market, sales collapse: the collapse of cryptocurrencies has something to do with it, but not only…


The GPU market has reached its lowest values ​​in the last ten years. This was revealed by a report by Jon Peddie Research , according to which shipments of new GPUs would have reached the lowest recorded in the last ten years.


During the third quarter of 2022, GPU shipments reached 75.5 million units: a decrease of 10.5% compared to the third quarter of 2021. More specifically: desktop GPU shipments decreased by 15 .43% year over year, while notebooks fell 30%.

These are results well below the expectations of the producers themselves. The contraction in GPU market demand is due to several causes, including the collapse of the cryptocurrency market (which reduced the activity of miners). But that’s not all: the lockdowns imposed by the Chinese authorities that have weakened the supply chain, a general drop in demand for new computers after the rush to purchases in the midst of the pandemic and the fact that gamers are waiting for the next generation of High performance GPUs.

During the last quarter, NVIDIA sold 19.7% fewer GPUs than a year ago, while Intel remained the leading GPU manufacturer, maintaining a 72% market share.


The third quarter of the year is normally the best season for the GPU market, simply because PC manufacturers order a large quantity of components to assemble computers, both for the Christmas holidays and for any promotions in view of the students’ return to class. students. However, the computer market has seen a major drop in demand this year, and as a result major manufacturers have revised their orders for new GPUs downwards.



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