Google will pay Wikimedia to get information more efficiently


As officially revealed, and recently reported on the pages of The Verge , Google has decided to pay the Wikimedia association in order to obtain more accurate and updated information on its search engine, thus allowing the non-profit group behind Wikipedia to receive economic benefits.

We are talking specifically about one of the first companies to buy the Wikimedia Fountations service , with Enterprise being specifically designed to help customers access their content more efficiently, instead of relying only on public pages. and free.

Wikipedia Enterprise guarantees APIs that obtain information from Wikipedia pages and have much greater large-scale results, thus allowing it to also receive updates relating to content, helping in the output of incorrect news other than Wikipedia.

Google already uses the Wikimedia services in different ways, consequently exploiting the whole with its search results and citing Wikipedia in some YouTube videos in the information panels, in order to combat disinformation and the related phenomena that derive from it. As explained, the company expects the revenues provided by Google to be only a fraction of the total revenues, however.




  • Google is paying the Wikimedia Foundation for better access to information (The Verge)


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