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Google Stadia: the controller will not become a useless ornament, it will soon have a second life

Google Stadia: the controller will not become a useless ornament, it will soon have a second life.


With the closure of Google Stadia, many have wondered what would have happened to the controller sold together with the dongle needed to access the cloud gaming service. After all, by default, it is only compatible with Stadia, a defunct service.


In short, it was feared that it would become an ornament destined to gather dust. The good news is that Google will soon release a patch that will allow users to use their Stadia Controller as a regular Bluetooth controller, which can then be paired with smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Many of you have asked us to enable Bluetooth on your Stadia Controller. We are happy to bring you good news: next week we will release a simple self-service tool that will allow you to enable Bluetooth connections on the controller

reads a note published by Google.


Added to this is one last gift from the Stadia team: a video game called Worm Game which was released to thank the community of players who have supported the project since its launch. We remind you that all subscribers to the service have received a full refund for all games purchased.


Google Stadia was a gaming streaming platform that allowed users to play games on a variety of devices, including computers, phones, tablets, and televisions, without the need for a console or powerful PC. It used streaming technology to stream games in real time to users’ devices, allowing them to play the latest games with high-quality graphics and uncompromising performance. Today, users can continue to play in the cloud using a variety of other services, including Xbox Cloud, Amazon Luna and GeForce Now.


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