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Google Pixel 8: leakers have no doubts, it will have a formidable new camera


There’s been some new information about the Pixel 8 , Google’s next flagship phone . According to new rumors, the phone will have a completely renewed and extremely solid photographic sector.


The rumor comes to us from Android developer and well-known leaker Kuba Wojciechowski. According to Wojciechowski, the Google Pixel 8 will have a camera with support for staggered HDR . «Thanks to Google we have a clean version of Google Camera Go, there are some references to what should be Husky and Shiba, codename of the Pixels due out in 2023», he wrote, and then added that they will support staggered HDR.

We remind you that staggered HDR technology allows you to capture short and long exposure images simultaneously. An advanced solution that would take the photographic sector of the next flagship a significant step forward. Pixels currently on the market use so-called HDR Plus Bracketing : the phone quickly takes several photos and then combines them into a single HDR image.

It is clearly not possible to support staggered HDR with the sensors currently in use on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, which is why it is almost certain that a new main camera will also arrive with the new technology. All that remains is to wait for the next few months to find out more.



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