Google, Microsoft and Apple collaborate for a passwordless future


Google , Microsoft and Apple have officially announced a collaboration aimed at making the absence of passwords for their devices increasingly normal for all users in the world, with additional recognition methods that should instead be preferred on multiple platforms.

We have been talking about this possibility for some time now, with even some lukewarm hints that have not been lacking over time, and certainly a collaboration between the three giants of the technology sector, able to aim at the same enormous goal, will only improve. the situation in this regard.

For many years now, passwords have been present all over the world when interfacing with the internet, but this does not mean that it is the best solution, and that it is indeed possible to achieve much more advanced goals .

Between the possibility of forgetting passwords and the possibility that they are also stolen, this is why further authentication methods can consequently be preferred by many companies for unlocking accounts and devices, although it must obviously be considered that it will be necessary to manage the best of all to avoid problems related to possible thefts and blocks.

  • Google, Apple, and Microsoft are working together to deploy passwordless sign-in (Android Authority)


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