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Google Maps and Waze, the two teams are unified, but Google promises: “they will remain independent apps”


Alphabet has decided to merge the teams that were following the development of Google Maps and Waze , two independent applications which in fact have the same purpose and offer very similar functions. The choice was dictated by the need to reduce costs.


Google has promised that the change will not jeopardize the identity of the two applications, which will continue to be two independent products.

The merger will take effect starting today, December 9. Google added that it has no intention of laying off employees engaged in the two teams. Approximately 500 Waze employees will be transferred to the Geo division, the team that deals with Google Maps, Street View and Google Earth.

Google is still firmly committed to ensuring that Waze remains a single, independent brand. Its highly regarded application and community of users and volunteers remain our top priority

reads a note sent by Google to The Verge.


Waze was bought for $1 billion by Alphabet in 2013. At the time, it was the fourth most expensive acquisition in Google’s history. Waze has about 150 million active users every month and, unlike Google Maps, relies heavily on reports from its own users – which, for example, can indicate the presence of speed cameras or obstacles on the road.


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