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Google is testing a version of its search engine with functions similar to ChatGPT

Google is testing a version of its search engine with functions similar to ChatGPT.


Google is actively looking for a way to stop the advance of ChatGPT. We already knew that the Mountain View giant is working on Sparrow, which is to all intents and purposes an alternative to the OpenAI chatbot and which is being developed using the technology of DeepMind, an Alphabet startup specializing in neural networks and artificial intelligence.


In these hours, CNBC reported that Google would also create a second parallel project, called Atlas . The initiative, which has been described internally by Google as “priority”, aims to identify a generative AI, capable of autonomously creating written documents, to be integrated within the company’s search engine .

Among the options currently under consideration is a chatbot called Apprentice Bard , which would already be able to offer detailed answers, in a very similar way to what ChatGPT is able to do.

Apprentice Bard is developed starting from Google LaMBDA , acronym of (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). The results are good, and the development team has been instructed to give it top priority. All other products are on hold, until Google has a response to the OpenAI chatbot.


Unlike ChatGPT, the information provided is current and up to date. The dataset does not stop at 2020, as in the case of the OpenAI chatbot.

Google would then have assigned some employees to test an alternative version of Google, structured like a chatbot. The interface is described as similar to Google’s, even if we find five different boxes below the bar, with some suggestions on the questions to ask the AI ​​to get a good result. The Google logo would then be present on the far right of the search bar.

The replies are then placed inside a bubble, like those of messaging chats like WhatsApp and Telegram. Below the conversation with the AI, Google then inserts a series of links, thus hybridizing the functions of ChatGPT with those more typical of a search engine.



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