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Google Docs: emojis for commenting on documents are coming soon


There are many moments in which Google is updating Docs , its online document platform with which it has the opportunity to make the life of many users easier, both as regards private use and for the business world. There is therefore no shortage of new features that from time to time have the opportunity to arrive and refresh the experience, such as in this case, for example, the possibility of commenting on the sheets in a completely empty way.


We are talking about the classic sentences that are inserted to highlight certain parts of the documents, for example by highlighting certain errors, a process that in reality could now have become faster. After the company revealed during Google I/O 2021 that emojis would be made available for this system, confirming a release date last year that was then postponed, it finally emerged that the feature in question will be able to arrive within end of the month: on 20 April 2022.

We are talking about a possibility that will be available by default , and that will appear between the section for adding comments and that of suggestions, allowing users to press on the smiley icon present to access the menu that includes all the emojis available. The system in question, at least at the moment, will use Emoji 14.0, and what is made available to users will therefore probably be quite rich.

Everything will be available, at least for the moment, for Google Workspace Essentials , Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Plus users, therefore not arriving for Enterprise Essentials, Education Fundamentals, Frontline and Nonprofits. We will therefore see if in the future the novelty will be made available to all users who use the platform, perhaps following an initial running-in phase of the functionality.





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