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Google Bard drops into the arena: how it works and differences from ChatGPT

Google Bard drops into the arena: how it works and differences from ChatGPT.


Today Google officially presented Bard, its chatbot based on LaMDA technology. Bard had been talked about intensely in recent days after numerous reports had revealed that the Mountain View giant was working in a hurry on a response to ChatGPT, the popular chatbot developed by OpenAI.


Bard is described as an experimental conversational AI service based on LaMDA, Google’s proprietary language model presented two years ago. Google’s technology is able to understand the context of conversations and successfully identify the different nuances of human language. You may remember that absurd story, bounced around in practically every newspaper, of a Google engineer who was convinced that an AI he was working on had become sentient. Well, there was little or nothing true but on the other hand it is enough to know that that AI was based precisely on the LaMBA model .

Google explained that tomorrow Bard will help users by enhancing the results and functionality of its search engine. Google has suggested some of the queries that Bard can answer more convincingly than a classic search engine. “Is it easier to learn to play the piano or the guitar?” reads one of the examples.

Bard, however, is based on a simplified version of LaMDA and makes the speed of response and scalability, ie the ability to serve millions of users simultaneously, its main strengths.


It’s only the beginning. According to the NY Times, Google is preparing to introduce several other products based on artificial intelligence, many of these will be announced during 2023.


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