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God of War, someone has applied as Kratos in the TV series (and it’s perfect)

IGN US has reported the news that a star of the game would love to play Kratos in the Amazon live action of God of War.

Amazon Prime Video hasn’t yet kicked off work on a God of War  -inspired TV series , although the first names about the actor who could play Kratos are now starting to emerge .


The  Santa Monica Studios title will therefore join the many video games (which you can also find on Amazon ) that will land on the big and small screens.

We have recently seen another famous PlayStation IP become  a  film: we are talking about  Uncharted ,  starring  Tom Holland .


Not to mention the series of The Last of Us by HBO, expected at the gate during the first months of next year and towards which expectations are really skyrocketing.

Via Twitter , IGN US reported the news that a star of the game would also like to play Kratos in the Amazon live action of God of War .


Christopher Judge , who has played Kratos since 2018’s God of War , responded to a fan on Twitter about the possibility that he might actually be the God of War on the show.


Judge said he’s the right choice to play Kratos in the series, so much so that he plans to “co-sign” the idea to see him play the hero.

Obviously, this is not an official confirmation, but a not too veiled self-candidacy regarding the possibility of interpreting the character on the small screen .

The team dealing with the adaptation will be that of The Expanse , a very successful sci-fi series on the platform,  together with the producers of  The Wheel of Time , a series inspired by the series of fantasy novels.


Among the producers we also find Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions , the Sony labels that supervise all multimedia products based on PlayStation video games.

As for the Sony brands, however, we recall that there is also the  Twisted Metal series in production, which promises to be really crazy.


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