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God of War Ragnarok “relives” in Elden Ring, and it’s perfect



A skilled and creative Elden Ring player has created an incredibly accurate version of Thor from God of War Ragnarok.

Elden Ring , one of the best FromSoftware soulslikes around, has seen a lot of creations of various kinds, often with truly surprising results.

The game (of which you can buy the  Launch Edition  at a great price  on  Amazon ) has in fact seen players indulge in many ways over the months.

Just recently someone decided to make a decidedly Christmassy character , using the game’s chunky editor.


Without thinking about who, for example, has decided to give life to a sort of playable version of Link directly from The Legend of Zelda saga . Now, however, someone has chosen to create a character coming directly from the equally famous God of War Ragnarok .

God of War Ragnarok "relives" in Elden Ring, and it's perfect

As Game Rant also reported , an Elden Ring player has created an incredibly accurate version of God of War Ragnarok ‘s Thor .


Thanks to the versatile character editor and the different armor sets present, a character similar to the God of Thunder from Santa Monica Studio was created.

The first image on Reddit shows Thor from the waist up, waiting for someone to strike with his Mjolnir alternative Battle Hammer .

Wearing the Kaiden armor, the aesthetic accurately embodies Thor’s build, enhanced by the player’s hair and face.

God of War Ragnarok "relives" in Elden Ring, and it's perfect

In the second image (which you can find just above) we see the God intercepting a bolt of lightning in the middle of his animation, an appropriate method to energize the Battle Hammer.


While not a 1:1 copy, it’s definitely the best version of the Thor character ever seen in FromSoftware’s soulslike.

Staying on the subject, a few weeks ago a mod was released that united Harry Potter and his magical world in  Elden Ring , really very interesting to see.

But that’s not all: even the evil Darth Vader from the Star Wars saga looks good in FromSoftware’s soulslike .


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