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Goat Simulator 3 Ad Gets Copyright From Take-Two for Containing GTA 6 Leak

Can we say that the Goat Simulator page made a terrible mistake?


The leak of gameplay footage and videos of GTA 6, which is perhaps one of the most talked about topics of 2022 , continues to affect the industry already. Especially when they think of games with a high temperament, such topics become great materials for them.


An ad on Twitter about Goat Simulator 3 would apparently have taken this humor a little too far, as the ad was directly removed at Take-Two’s request due to the use of the gameplay video for GTA 6.

Goat Simulator 3’s handling of GTA 6 leaks…

It is not known whether it is an amateur mistake or a planned situation from the beginning. In an ad trailer for Goat Simulator 3, we see NPC Shaun talking about his role and missions in the game, while describing one of his GTA 6 leak video segments.

This post shared on Twitter may show what kind of a dead end the game and the studio are in because of the video. On the other hand, Rockstar’s roof company Take-Two demanded that the ad be removed after it was published due to violation of copyright rules.

“I had to prepare both mentally and physically to get this job. I mean, you’re getting pretty solid and need to look good, so I spend a lot of time at the most prestigious ragdolling school in the world. I learned a lot and I think I’ve become a pretty good Ragdoll. I have other jobs outside of this job, I’ve been to other big game worlds – you can actually see me in some of the images that were leaked a few months ago.”


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