Goal recital from France

The last champion of the World Cup , France, defeated Australia with 4 goals in the match that fell back 1-0 .

France, which became the last World Cup Champion by defeating Croatia 4-1 in the 2018 World Cup final held from Russia , started the Qatar 2022 adventure like a storm. Roosters in Group D started the tournament super by defeating Australia 4-1. The French, who lost 1-0 with Goodwin ‘s shock goal in the 9th minute , equalized the score with Rabiot at 27 : 1-1. France, who took the lead with Olivier Giroud in 32 , finished the half ahead 2-1. France, who scored two more goals with Mbappe in 68 and again with Giroud in 71, left the field with a 4-1 victory and became the group leader.


With 51 goals, Giroud broke the 4-1 Henry’s record for “France’s top scorer”.



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