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Gmail: encrypted emails arrive, but not for everyone


Gmail has introduced the ability to send and receive encrypted emails . Email whose content – ​​for profiling purposes, but not only – cannot therefore be read by Google’s servers. It is an extremely important revolution, which however, at least initially, will not involve all users.


The beta is currently only open to corporate accounts. Emails are protected with what in jargon is called Client-Side Encryption , i.e. user side.

Users enrolled in the Workspace Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Education Standard programs are eligible to participate in the beta . Registration for the beta takes place through a page dedicated to the initiative and there is time until January 20, 2023 to do so. Currently ordinary users, with a simple address, are excluded. Tomorrow, who knows.

Google Workspace already uses the latest encryption standards to protect all data at rest, as well as data in transit at our branches. Client-side encryption adds an extra element of protection and enhances the level of trust you can place in the management of your data, while also addressing a wide range of  compliance needs

reads a note shared by Google.


Company user administrators will be able to decide whether to activate encryption only on some special accounts of their managers and employees, or whether to set default encryption on all communications for each user.

However, there is a very important limit: encryption must be active and supported by both the sender and the recipient. Which obviously weakens the protection offered by Google by a lot, considering that currently only a small fraction of Gmail accounts support the function. It follows that at least initially encryption will be used almost exclusively for internal communications to companies and organizations that have decided to join the beta.



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