Global will add Alicante Cruise Port to its portfolio

The bid submitted by Global Ports Holding for the 15-year operating concession tender of Alicante Cruise Port in Spain was selected as the best bid. If the agreement is signed, Global Ports Holding will become 80% partner of the consortium that will operate the port. The other partner of the joint venture is Sepcan SL, which has been serving the cruise industry in the Canary Islands since 1936.

The offer submitted by the consortium, in which Global Ports Holding (GPH), an affiliate of Global Investment Holdings and the world’s largest cruise port operator, has 80% share, for the 15-year operating concession tender of Alicante Cruise Port in Spain, was submitted by the Alicante Port Authority. The best offer has been selected. The other 20 percent shareholder of the consortium is Sepcan SL (“Sepcan SL”), a family-owned company that has been providing service to the port of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands since 1936, focusing on areas such as mooring, baggage and passenger services since 1998, and also operating in the fields of marine environmentalism. Sepcan”).  


In a statement made to the Public Disclosure Platform, Global Investment Holdings said, “In the next period, the mentioned consortium and Alicante Port Authority will negotiate and work to reach an agreement on Concession Agreements, and it is expected that the concession rights will start to be used in the first half of the 2023 calendar year.”

 Investment of up to 2 million euros is planned

Alicante Cruise Port stands out as one of the most demanded and growing cruise destinations on the east coast of Spain, with more than 100,000 passengers a year. The port has a strong airline connection and is ideally located to be included in Mediterranean cruise routes.

Currently, the Alicante Cruise Port has been significantly improved by the Port Authority and its surroundings. The port is undergoing a comprehensive investment process that will ensure integration with the coastline and the city. Under the terms of the concession agreement, GPH plans to invest up to 2 million Euros for the renovation and modernization of the cruise terminal. 



“We follow 25-30 ports”

Mehmet Kutman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Global Investment Holdings and Global Ports Holding, said, “As the world’s largest cruise port operator, we continue our steps in this area without interruption, staying true to our strategy of further growth in this area. We have reached a total of 26 ports in our portfolio. We monitor and work on 25-30 ports in different geographies all over the world. By dispersing to various geographies, we also eliminated the seasonality effect to a large extent. We, as Global Ports Holding, are currently the world’s largest cruise port operator. Our goal is to make investments that will further reinforce this title. At the same time, we increased our share in the Mediterranean Basin, the fastest growing cruise route in the world, to 40 percent. If Alicante Cruise Port is added to our portfolio, we will increase this share even more.”


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