Global Carbon Budget 2022: according to the study it is at the limit


The Global Carbon Budget is a detailed analysis of greenhouse gas emissions and how they are distributed across the atmosphere , oceans and terrestrial biosphere . 100 scientists from various universities and institutions worked on the report.

The results show that the Paris Agreements have not been respected and we are still far from the expected result, but the time to act is getting shorter and shorter. In addition to the work done by the IPCC , the Global Carbon Budget adds forecasts on current policies. If emissions are not reduced there is a 50% chance that 1.5C will be exceeded within the next nine years.

Global carbon dioxide emissions in 2022, according to the report, will be 40.6 billion tons, very close to that of 2019, when the all-time high was reached . Atmospheric concentrations of polluting gases will reach 417.2 parts per million at the end of the year.

To reach the target set by the Paris Agreements of 2015, emissions should be reduced to the same level as what happened during the first lockdown of 2020. A reduction of around 1.4 Gt of carbon dioxide should be achieved , but it is difficult to think that the international governments are willing to reduce their annual production so much.

The study also analyzes how these emissions are distributed in the oceans and forests , suggesting a reforestation plan in order to reduce the emissions of the major economic powers. At the same time forecasts are for an average increase in global emissions of 1.7%.

  • Global Carbon Budget 2022: is the challenge still open? According to the study we are at the limit (


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