Gillbert: the robot-fish that cleans the seas of microplastics


Microplastics pollution is a serious problem that is talked about a lot, as it has been discovered that they can be found everywhere, even in the least expected places. This has led numerous researchers to study new methods to stem the problem at its origin, but also methods to clean up the environment. In this scenario, Gillbert  the 3D printed robot-fish comes into play, cleaning the waters from plastic microparticles.


Gillbert was awarded the first prize of the Natural Robotic Contest 2022 , a competition in which the most curious and innovative ideas in robotics inspired by the natural world are rewarded. Each robot has the appearance of animals or other natural elements. The robot-fish was designed by Eleanor Mackinstosh , who was inspired by fish and their swimming and feeding movements.

The fish-robot has a large mouth designed to suck up what is in front of it. Once immersed in water it will track down microplastics and clean up the environment through filtration . Gillbert will be able to navigate the waters independently, moving thanks to his tail and fins, filtering microplastics through a sort of gills that open and close when necessary.

  • The fish-robot that cleans the seas of microplastics: his name is Gillbert and he won the Natural Robotic Contest (


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