Giant robbery in 27 minutes

Incredible details were shared about the jewelery heist that took place on July 11 near Los Angeles, USA. The thieves unloaded the transport vehicle carrying $100 million worth of jewelery within 27 minutes.

The thieves went after an armored truck belonging to a private security company called Brink’s, which was carrying jewels he had bought from a trade show in California. Carrying jewelery belonging to 18 different jewelers, the vehicle arrived at an accommodation area around 02:00 at night. After the security team taking a break got out of the vehicle, the thieves neutralized the armored truck’s locking mechanism. Within 27 minutes, they stole 25-30 bags full of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, gold and designer watches and disappeared. It is estimated that a Robbery of this scale was carried out by a professional gang consisting of at least a few people. It was also learned that although the vehicle contained jewelery worth 100 million dollars, an insurance policy of less than 10 million dollars was made. Robbery, recorded as one of the biggest jewelery hits in history. Los Angeles is an area where shipping thefts are common. Truck heists in 2021 resulted in about $57 million in damage.



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