Germany turned its eyes to vocational high school graduates

Germany, which has a shortage of qualified manpower and intermediate staff in almost all sectors, has turned its eyes to vocational high school graduates who provide 4-year education. Germany, which urgently wants to meet the need for 1 million 200 thousand and 5 million employees by 2030, started to have problems in jobs that require intermediate staff, as the population aging and the younger generation tends more towards higher education.

Germany has difficulties in terms of workforce, it cannot find intermediate staff. It is estimated that by 2030, 5 million employees are needed in Germany. 


The CEO of Advantage AG, a consulting company that provides business and immigration services based in Germany, Dr. Ahmet Ertekin pointed out that the shortage of skilled workers is increasing day by day and said, “The aging of the German society and the increase in higher education preferences are the biggest factors causing this situation. The number of employees is expected to decline to 46 million in 2030 and to 37.5 million in 2060. Efforts are being made to take multifaceted measures in order to reach a qualified workforce to close this gap.

Adding that in a study conducted by the German Federal Institute of Vocational Education, it was revealed that the demand for vocational education declined to the lowest level. Ertekin stated that Germany, which was formerly shown as an example in vocational education, continues its efforts to make this education popular and preferable.

Vocational high school graduates are advantageous



Noting that Turkey’s 4-year vocational high school graduates, who respond to the need for intermediate staff to be needed by all sectors, are also a chance for Germany, Dr. Ertekin continued his words as follows:

“The geographical proximity, as well as the well-educated youth in Turkey combined with the large Turkish community in Germany, has the opportunity to play an important role and contribute greatly to the skilled worker shortage. Especially those who graduated from vocational high schools and have 2 years of work experience are in a very advantageous position. Many apprenticeships, including handicrafts, are no longer attractive to German youth. These vacant positions can be the solution to Germany’s shortage of intermediate staff for graduates of vocational formation schools, which Turkey successfully carries out. With the website, which we have put into service as Advantage AG, we provide all the services from A to Z in the easiest way, from vocational high school graduates to those who want to work and live in Germany. Application without preparing a professional CV, 

Turks adapt easily

 Ertekin also noted that most of the candidates coming from far countries to Germany feel lonely when they come to the country, but the Turkish workforce overcomes this situation easily. This causes great harm to both parties. Candidates from Turkey, on the other hand, overcome these problems much faster due to the large Turkish population in Germany and partly because they have family members in Germany. Candidates from Turkey are also a great chance for Germany.”

If you graduate from these departments, your job is ready.

Dr. Ertekin listed in which sectors there is a need for qualified employees who graduated from vocational high schools and have at least 2 years of work experience:

“Emergency Medical Technician, Gardening, Vegetable Growing, Network Management, Computer Technical Service, Database Programming, Web Programming, Biomedical device technologies, Environmental Health Technician, Child development and education, Early Childhood Education, Dental Prosthesis Technician, Decorative Crafts, Decorative Home Textile, Hand Weaving, Hand and Machine Embroidery, Electric – electronic technologies, Office Machines Technical Service, Electrical Installations and Panel Installation, Electrical Household Appliances Technical Service, Electromechanical Carriers Maintenance and Repair, Industrial Maintenance and Repair, Visual and Sound Systems, Communication Systems, High Voltage Systems, Industrial automation technologies, Mechatronics, Surveying, Cadastre, Patient and elderly care services, Disabled Care, Veterinary Health, Cattle and Cattle Breeding,Poultry Breeding, Nursing, Wooden Construction Systems, Reinforced Concrete Construction Systems, Concrete-Cement and Floor Technology, Facade Systems and PVC Joinery, Roof Systems, Interior Design Drawing, Architectural Drawing, Restoration, Building Insulation, Computer Aided Industrial Modeling, Computer Aided Machine Painting, Computer Machinery Manufacturing, Industrial Molding, Machine Maintenance and Repair, Marble Processing, Printing Technologies, Steel Construction, Welding, Metal Joinery, Metallurgical Technology, Woodworking Technology, Interior and Furniture Technology, Furniture Frame and Upholstery, Motor Vehicles technologies, Automotive Paint, Automotive Electromechanics, Automotive Body, Radiology Technician, Rail systems technologies, Ceramic and glass technologies, Agricultural technologies, Textile technologies,Installation technology and air conditioning, Medical Laboratory Technician, Aircraft Electronics, Airframe-Engine, Transportation services, Logistics, Renewable energy technologies and Food and beverage services.”


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