Germany discusses ‘easy visa’! The intention is good, the problem is too much…

Announcing that an ‘easy visa’ valid for 3 months will be issued after the earthquake in Kahramanmaraş, the German government has given visas to only 15 people so far. While the German media discussed the obstacles in front of the process, it was learned that the cost for Turks who wanted to take their relatives with them was 500 Euros per person.

Germany discusses ‘easy visa’! The intention is good, the problem is too much…


While Turkey is trying to heal its wounds after the earthquakes with 7.7 and 7.6 point magnitudes centered in Kahramanmaraş, the world has mobilized together with Turkey.

While aid continues to pour in to our country from all over the world, Germany, in addition to the aid it provides, has decided to facilitate visa for Turkish citizens affected by the earthquake and announced that they will be given visas for up to 3 months for earthquake victims whose care is undertaken by their relatives.


The procedure in question is valid only for first and second degree relatives, and Turks living in Germany have to submit a declaration of commitment for the relatives they bring.

Germany discusses easy visa Good intention, problem too much...




Die Zeit weekly newspaper shared a survey for ‘easy visa’ with its readers and wrote that 7 out of 10 people who participated in the survey favored the visa decision.

According to the newspaper, 69 percent of those who participated in the survey supported the provision of visa facilitation for earthquake victims in need, while the rate of those who opposed remained at 23 percent.


Although the visa decision made Turkish citizens who are relatives of earthquake victims happy, it turned out that the “easy visa” was not as “easy” as it seemed, a “mountain of documents” was asked from the earthquake victims and the process was much longer than expected.


The German media discussed the ‘easy visa’ process today. An analysis published on Tagesschau’s website emphasized that the government’s intentions were good but not practical.

Although the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the documents requested from the earthquake victims were minimized, it was stated in the news published that people who were caught in the earthquake at 4 a.m. fled their homes to save their lives, most of them did not have their official documents such as passports, and the people whose houses collapsed could no longer access these documents.

Germany discusses easy visa Good intention, problem too much...



RBB television ‘Why is it so difficult to get a visitor visa for those with relatives in Turkey?’ In his news titled, he stated that earthquake victims will have to wait for weeks for applications.

The newspaper wrote that one of the reasons behind the prolongation of the process was the lack of personnel at the immigration office.


Speaking to RBB, lawyer Martin Manzel drew attention to the financial burden that Turkish citizens living in Germany must bear to bring their relatives.

In his statement, Manzel said, “If you want to bring a family of four children and two adults to Germany on a visit visa, you must be able to provide 500 Euros per person per month to secure their livelihood. Moreover, you need to show that you can also make a living with this money. “

Germany discusses easy visa Good intention, problem too much...



The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the first easy visas were issued with the simplified procedure. However, Tagesschau wrote that only 15 visas have been issued so far.

Although lawyers and immigrant organizations criticize the government by stating that the obstacles in front of the ‘easy visa’ are great, the ministry states that the earthquake victims are facilitated, their applications are given priority and the normal visa fee is not charged to the earthquake victims.


On the other hand, Tagesschau wrote that ‘ Easy Visa ‘, Which Is Difficult For Turks, Is Impossible For Syrians.

One of the biggest reasons for this is the absence of Germany ‘s embassy in Syria.

In his statement on the subject, Foreign Ministry spokesman Christian Wagner said, “The situation is even more dramatic due to the conflict that has been going on for years in Syria. This is why it is important to bring aid to Syria, but we can only increase the funds we have allocated for this. Unfortunately, we cannot establish a diplomatic mission.


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