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Genshin Impact: the first art exhibition dedicated to the game opens in Paris

Genshin Impact: the first art exhibition dedicated to the game opens in Paris. 


Here comes the first art exhibition dedicated to Genshin Impact. From 3 to 10 January, fans will be able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the famous free-to-play RPG from Hoyoverse at the Galerie Joseph in Paris. The exhibition brings together over 40 concept illustrations, sketches, models, developer notes, videos, soundtracks and fan art from the game, and much more. Below you can find some shots taken from the exhibition.



















The exposition is currently divided into four parts showing:

– The wide variety of landscapes, creatures, cultures and stories thanks to more than 25 concept illustrations and a 14m² 3D model of the map of Teyvat

– The more than 60 playable characters and the creation process of some of the most popular characters such as Yun Jin and Xiao in the form of sketches, notes and replicas.


– A listenable collection of 14 soundtracks performed by world-renowned orchestras and musicians

– Fan art and derivative works from players, including the latest works by French artist duo ZIM&ZOU, symbols of a dynamic community.

Developed by HoYoverseGenshin Impact was released in September 2020 and continues today to be enriched with new content, such as countries, landscapes, cultures, stories, characters and game modes, in 15 different languages. The game has also recently received the translation into Italian and is preparing to receive the new update 3.4 which will introduce new main and secondary missions, limited-time events and other innovations that will keep players busy in the following six weeks.

Genshin Impact is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, iOS and Android.

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