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Genshin Impact: a new event is coming with free Primogem and other rewards


Hoyoverse has announced the arrival of Bouncing Blobby Slime , a new Genshin Impact mini-event that will be giving away various rewards including Primogem , Mora and materials. It is a mini-game that will allow us to play the role of a slime. The goal is to jump between the various platforms accumulating the most points to be converted into rewards.

To access the mini-game, just start it from the browser without having to open the game, simply by clicking here . Alternatively, if you play on console , you will have to access the Paimon menu and select the “Special Event” option or open the email dedicated to the event from the inbox. If you play from the console, a QR Code will appear to be scanned with your smartphone and you can play from there.

Before leaving, we remind you that the Genshin Impact Update 2.8 will be available starting  July 13, 2022  and will include a renewed version of the Golden Apple Archipelago, a new character, new skins and much more.


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