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Gboard now automatically switches languages ​​on Pixel 6s


Google has released an update for the Gboard virtual keyboards , which now have the ability to update automatically by changing the type of layout based on what you are typing. Let’s talk about the possibility of switching from QWERTY to further configurations.


Assuming that you are writing in Italian and you switch to Spanish, the version of the latter language will automatically be shown. To start everything, all you need to do is activate the Google Translate app feature from the Gboard settings, with the first one that once closed lets everything go back to normal.

Thanks to a useful icon on the left of the application bar, it is also easy to take a step back and return to the basic version. The feature is currently available on the company’s Pixel 6 , after updating Gboard to version 11.6 and Google Translate to 6.33 , by going to the applications and making the necessary updates.

Certainly, before being able to reach all phones, even as regards systems that are not proprietary to the company, it will only be necessary to wait a little time, even if we will have to see how the support of the giant this feature will continue.





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