Gazprom’s gas shipments to Europe will decrease

Russian energy company Gazprom’s natural gas shipments to Europe via Ukraine will decrease by 23 percent compared to yesterday, to 25.1 million cubic meters.

In a statement made by Gazprom to the Russian press, it was noted that the request for gas delivery from the company’s Sohranivka distribution point was rejected by Ukraine.


In the statement, which was informed that the shipment will continue from the Suca point, it was stated that the amount of shipment from the said point will be at the level of 25.1 million cubic meters today.

The shipment of Gazprom, which sent 32.6 million cubic meters of natural gas to Europe via Ukraine yesterday, will thus decrease by 23 percent compared to January 18.

In May 2022, Ukraine ended the shipment at the Sohranivka distribution point, where one-third of Russian natural gas to Europe passes.

Gazprom’s natural gas shipments to Western and Central Europe had stopped via the Nord Stream pipelines and Yamal-Europe. The company’s shipment to the said regions continues only through Ukraine. 


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