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GameStop, they steal PS5 for $5 thousand: manager fired on the spot

Big hit in a US GameStop, where some people stole PS5 for a total of $5 thousand dollars leading to a sacking.

GameStop, they steal PS5 for $5 thousand: manager fired on the spot


The manager of a US GameStop has found himself fired after stealing a PlayStation 5 for $5,000.

As you know, the console has been unobtainable for a long time , so much so that it is practically always unavailable on Amazon .

Though PS5 is now in a much better moment, as Sony is celebrating what appears to be its best quarter ever.


In Italy, Sony also wanted to celebrate the new year with the new batch of supplies in a decidedly particular, and decidedly flashy way by placing a giant console in Rome.

Kotaku reports a story that is nothing short of surreal involving a US GameStop , in which there are those who have made an extreme gesture to have a PS5 .


Two men have decided to rob a chain store in Easton, Pennsylvania, aiming for a quantity of PlayStation 5 for $5,000.

The two broke into the shop when the shop manager was alone, who could not help but back down in the face of threats and let the thieves go free.

A week later GameStop decided to fire the manager, after 13 years of honorable service. A gesture which, moreover, has led many other employees to quit in protest , in solidarity with the manager.

According to the Colonial Regional Police Department and the store ‘s apparent surveillance footage , the two robbers entered the store posing as customers and inquired about purchasing a PS5.


The clerk on duty then went to the back , where the consoles were kept, to check their availability. At that point the thieves went into action, cornering the manager.

Although neither of the two robbers showed a gun, investigators said the manager was told to raise his hands with related threats. One of the men then carried the stack of PS5s out of the shop while the second kept an eye on the manager, then locked him in the storage room and left him in the shop.

truly unfortunate story due to the fact that the console has remained unobtainable for a long time. Hopefully, as stocks increase , these stories are a thing of the past.

Speaking of layoffs, GameStop has recently cut a lot of jobs , including those related to the NFT sector.


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