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GameStop has opened a marketplace for NFTs


GameStop has opened its NFT marketplace . It had been talked about for several months now, the initiative is part of a broader modernization project of the company, which is interested in distancing itself from the reatil model to focus more on digital products and services.

The GameStop marketplace is currently still in beta. You can find it by following this link, even if while we are writing this news the site is inaccessible due to an unspecified configuration error.

The marketplace currently has a catalog of over 53,000 NFTs from 200 different collections. “The art is in line with NFT standards, within minutes, scrolling through the site, I found some quirky cats and several collections with monkeys,” writes Jay Peters on The Verge .

It is possible to create an official GameStop wallet to collect and store NFTs and cryptocurrencies, but the site also supports some of the more popular alternatives, such as MetaMask and WalletConncet.

Unlike what happens on other platforms, not all users can freely create and sell a collection of NFTs on the marketplace. Interested artists or companies should send a request to GameStop in the hope that it will be accepted.


GameStop announced plans to open an NFT marketplace in February of this year. Those were different times, at the time the cryptocurrency market was still relatively healthy. “GameStop opened its store just in time to witness one of the most violent market crashes,” writes The Verge maliciously.

GameStop recently announced a series of layoffs . The staff cut, specifically, concerns the offices of the company’s headquarters and the Game Informer editorial staff.


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