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GameStop allegedly showed customers’ personal data

For a short period of time, some users have had the opportunity to unintentionally see the sensitive data of other GameStop customers.

According to what has been announced in these hours, the official website of the well-known retailer GameStop  would be showing the personal data of the customers , leaving the latter quite nervous by the thing


The company hasn’t seemed to be doing too well for some time, also thanks to the tendency of players to buy digital rather than physical software as well as the continuing shortage of current-gen consoles.

The video game retailer ‘s reputation deteriorated further when employees revealed some of the company ‘s practices .


Not to mention that the giant would have closed numerous stores in Europe , aggravating the future prospects of the well-known video game retailer.

As also reported on Reddit , according to various reports, for a short period of time on the official GameStop website some users were able to involuntarily see the  sensitive data of other customers while updating the order pages.


User ‘Commercial_Ease8053’ reported the issue with a post explaining that: “Every time I refresh the website, I can see someone else’s name, phone number, address, order history… it’s like a cycle of 4 or 5 people. This is very worrying, I can’t even change the password due to this glitch .”


The Reddit post was recently removed and the bug seems to be gone. It is also true that after the first report, other users in turn tried to visit the page, noting that the problem in question was real .

For its part, GameStop has not released any official statement in this regard, although the problem seemed to be related only to the foreign market (in fact, there are no reports regarding the Italian market).

Staying on the subject, in recent years the company has also been the protagonist of another sensational case, namely the peak in shares due to the collective movement, which will soon become a film .


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