Game: essential at any age


The game is about having fun. It is a testing ground during growth because it takes advantage of the experimentation of this activity in a safe and fun environment. The psychological benefits are many by supporting creativity, language, cognitive growth, and skill consolidation. The game knows no age, preferences change as the years go by, but the playful activity remains. The game, according to experts, has a healing and protective power. It allows a valid psychophysical balance and reduces stress. Here are the benefits it provides:

  • increase problem solving skills
  • improve social skills 
  • enhance empathy
  • allows you to process stress, anxiety, fears
  • stimulates identification
  • favors language
  • encourages the evolution of superior thinking
  • promotes the processes of symbolic representation
  • makes you more courageous, creative, assertive
  • allows you to deal with negative emotions and thoughts

The essential thing is that the game helps manage complex emotions . Within the family, play is very important because it strengthens the bond between parents and children and between brothers and sisters. Playing helps strengthen ties, create pleasant memories and new friendships. 

Then there are group games that improve teamwork skills. Cognitive and social skills in play can also help in daily study and work. The game supports in healing the most painful inner wounds. Manages the processing of stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, separation pain, negative thoughts and emotions. With the game you can give names to emotions, thoughts, but above all we can understand and process them. 



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