From “Ukraine” to “rapid swab”, the most trendy words in 2022 in Italy

Google reveals its rankings on search terms and most searched characters every year. There are no surprises.

Like every year, even in 2022, with the expected lists of the most trending words on Google in Italy, it is possible to relive a sort of condensed summary of the year that is about to end, from the characters who have been most at the center of searches, with the president Russian Vladimir Putin dominating the top ten, up to the most heartfelt farewells with Queen Elizabeth and Piero Angela in the first two places. But in the Google rankings there is also a suggestive cross-section of the most significant trends of the past 12 months with thematic selections dedicated to films and TV series, singers or actors, up to the most popular questions including Why? How to? or What does it mean? Let’s discover all the trends of 2022 on Google Italy.


And we inevitably start from the general classification which is a summary of all the other classifications. Ukraine is in 1st place and also in 3rd together with President Putin’s Russia in 6th, which started the invasion, unleashing a war that continues today. In 2022, two much loved figures such as Queen Elizabeth of England (2nd) and Piero Angela (7th) said goodbye and there was a lot of sport with the controversial Australian Open (4th) with the controversy over the closed door to no-vax Novak Djokovic and the ominous match Italy vs Macedonia (9th) which once again excluded the Azzurri from the World Cup. The San Remo Festival it is represented by the presenter Drusilla (8th) and the singer Blanco (10th), finally the 2022 elections do not go beyond 5th place.

  1. Ukraine
  2. Queen Elizabeth
  3. Russia Ukraine
  4. Australian Open
  5. Elections 2022
  6. Putin
  7. Peter Angela
  8. Drusilla
  9. Italy Macedonia
  10. Blanco

Many names already mentioned are found in the characters , with the addition of other tennis players such as the Italians Sinner and Berrettini, footballers such as Vlahovic and Dybala, competitors of the GF Vip such as Marco Bellavia and Ornella Muti on the occasion of Sanremo.

  1. Putin
  2. Drusilla
  3. Blanco
  4. sinner
  5. Vlakhovic
  6. Djokovic
  7. Berrettini
  8. Dybala
  9. Marco Bellavia
  10. Ornella Muti

As proof that the disappearances of famous people are always the proponents of important trends on Google, there is also its own dedicated ranking that ranges from politics to the entertainment world.

  1. Queen Elizabeth
  2. Peter Angela
  3. Mino Raiola
  4. David Sassoli
  5. Monica Vitti
  6. Manuel Vallicella
  7. Catherine Spaak
  8. Anne Heche
  9. Olivia Newton John
  10. Ray Liotta

The trendiest singers are all linked to the Sanremo Festival and curiously Gianni Morandi is still third, while Elisa who finished second is not on the list.

  1. Blanco
  2. Mahmood
  3. Gianni Morandi
  4. VAT Zanicchi
  5. Ana Mena
  6. Irama
  7. Massimo Ranieri
  8. List Representative
  9. Gianluca Grignani
  10. Achilles Lauro

The now historic slap live at the Oscars 2022 earned first place for Will Smith and sixth for Chris Rock in the top ten actors :

  1. Will Smith
  2. Gianluca Gori
  3. Vanessa Incontrada
  4. Luca Marinelli
  5. Maria Chiara Giannetta
  6. Chris Rock
  7. Lorraine Cesarini
  8. Michael J Fox
  9. Evan Peters
  10. Giovanna Ralli

A varied ranking by genre that of the trendiest films of 2022 which sees Doctor Strange in first place , understood however as Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness , released in the first half of the year.

  1. Doctor Strange
  2. Thor love and thunder
  3. Don’t look up
  4. Uncharted
  5. The Batman
  6. Murder on the Nile
  7. Top Guns
  8. Black Adams
  9. Morbius
  10. Jurassic World

Tons of users ask search engines specific questions, what comes next Why…? which has been trending longest in the past 12 months? War, sports, politics and gossip dominate.

  1. Russia wants to invade Ukraine
  2. Pioli is on fire
  3. Increase the petrol
  4. Draghi has resigned
  5. Diesel costs more than petrol
  6. Totti and Ilary separate
  7. Modern half dose
  8. Electra and Guinevere quarreled
  9. Lilli Gruber is not at half past eight
  10. Dybala leaves Juve

These are instead the completions of How to…? with the technology that finds space between WhatsApp polls and the update to iOS 16.

  • the quick swab
  • Polls on Whatsapp
  • Tampon at home
  • The passport
  • Single check request
  • Bonus question 200 euros
  • Molecular swab
  • Isee 2022
  • iOS 16 update
  • Peaches in syrup

The third question is What does… mean? and here the war is more predominant between the Zs on the tanks at the no fly zone.

  1. The Z on Russian tanks
  2. Oranza 
  3. Speak in cursive
  4. Lump sum
  5. No-fly zones
  6. Baiulo
  7. Strengthened green pass 
  8. Paraclete 
  9. Drop Instagram
  10. Born

Finally, among the trends related to searches relating to certain locations, Bologna surprises What to see , beating Barcelona and Catania.

  1. Bologna
  2. Barcelona
  3. Catania
  4. Paris
  5. Mantua
  6. Parma
  7. Lisbon
  8. Malta
  9. Munich
  10. Ravenna

Among the other rankings released recently there are also those on the best apps and games for iPhone and those for Android .



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