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From 2023 goodbye to aero mode: go to 5G at high altitudes


Maybe from 2023 we could finally say goodbye to aero mode , at least in Europe. Maybe is a must, because the process is still long, but the direction seems to be exactly that. The European Commission has given its positive opinion on the possibility of using smartphones, tablets and computers on planes.


The intention is to update the 2008 law that prevented the use of mobile data when the plane is in flight. Member states will have until 30 June 2023 to allocate dedicated 5G frequencies to aircraft.

Basically, passengers will be able to freely make phone calls and connect to the internet, without the obligation to use the Wi-Fi that may be made available by the airlines.

There is no shortage of concerns, for example from those who fear that the green light for phone calls could kill the peace that is normally encountered on airplanes (a privilege that is more rarely enjoyed by those traveling by train).


Clarification. Clearly 5G will reach airplanes when they fly at low altitude , for example during take-off, while at high altitude an expedient will be necessary: ​​some airliners will be equipped with a dedicated antenna to ensure connection to the mobile network inside the cabin .


Tests will obviously be needed to ensure that 5G does not interfere with flight operations, but the European institutions have said they are extremely optimistic. On this, moreover, the EU is in contrast with the United States, which in 2013 had discussed and then rejected a similar proposal. At the time, the safety of the planes was not in question, rather – as we mentioned above – we wanted to prevent the planes from turning into a small babel characterized by the uninterrupted chatter of dozens of passengers on the phone at the same time.



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