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Friction Games Announced the New Game of the Series Amnesia The Bunker

The creators of Soma and Amnesia have announced their new game, Amnesia The Bunker. The production will break the classic Amnesia formula and present a semi-open world.

Horror games are not preferred by every player as it is known and understood. That’s why, in today’s game understanding, the horror games that we direct with our choices are a little more in the foreground. Horror and survival games, in which we are in control, are also trying to come up with new productions as once favorites. Friction Games is pursuing this goal with its new game.


Friction Games , which is behind successful productions based on the horror element such as Soma and Amnesia , comes with news that will make the lovers of the genre happy, especially the lovers of the Amnesia series.

New Amnesia Game, “Amnesia: The Bunker” Announced — What Have We Learned About The Production?

While Friction Games has kept its silence until this time after Amnesia Rebirth , which it presented to the likes in 2020 , the statement shows that we will not wait any longer for the company’s new game.

Amnesia The Bunker

While Amnesia The Bunker will be the new game in the series, a bold decision made this production a little away from the Amnesia formula. Because Amnesia The Bunker will have a semi-open world. The character we will control in the project, which will be an interesting hybrid, is a French soldier. Our character, who has lost his memory and finds himself in an abandoned French bunker from the First World War, will be in constant tension. It’s because an ” extraterrestrial being ” is following you through the dark and scary corridors of the bunker .

The makers stated that the bunker can be fully explored without experiencing any triggers or preset events. Your playstyle will also be a big factor in shaping your adventure. While you can reach more than one solution with the instant choices you make against threats and obstacles and even against puzzles, user preferences will be kept in the foreground in this and many other cases.

Amnesia The Bunker

Of course, it’s not just about making snap decisions. You also need to have long-term plans. How you progress through the game is in your hands. Whether you are traveling with a stylish and useful revolver in your hand or with a flashlight powered by a very loud dynamo. Although it is not wise to make a lot of noise in such productions, the choice is yours.


Of course, there is one more thing we cannot pass without mentioning: resource management . It will definitely be something to consider when playing Amnesia The Bunker, as it is obvious that finding resources in an abandoned bunker will not be easy. You have to be careful who you save that last bullet for. Maybe you can be that lucky person.

Amnesia: The Bunker Announcement Trailer:

Frictional Games will release its new game, Amnesia The Bunker, for PlayStation , Xbox and PC in March 2023 . In addition , Xbox Game Pass will add this production to its library on the day of its release.


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