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Freud’s Bones available today also on Nintendo Switch


Freud’s Bones , the award-winning all-Italian indie dedicated to the father of psychoanalysis, also arrives today on Nintendo Switch. After landing on PC last May, the title conceived and developed by Fortuna Imperatore arrives on Nintendo’s hybrid console, ready to give fans of the Kyoto house a unique journey full of puzzles, based on dreams, addictions and psychoanalysis.


Freud’s bones is the first point-and-click title to pay homage to the birth of psychoanalysis and its founder, addressing the themes of sexuality and neuroses filled with existential doubts. In the game we will play the role of the Austrian psychoanalyst, tormented by eternal doubts and existential questions to the point of being possessed by an inner voice that will be none other than that of the gamers themselves.

Exiled from the psychoanalytic community, Freud is torn apart by a profound existential crisis. In the point and click adventure entirely developed in Italy, the founder of psychoanalysis is entangled in controversial relationships, and leads a life full of anguish, despite the fact that he is active every day for the well-being of his patients. Between a visit to the Eckman Cafè to meet patrons and night walks among the palaces of Vienna, it is up to the gamer to break this terrible loop by exploring the unconscious of Freud’s patients.

Freud’s Bones is also available today on Nintendo Switch at the price of 12.99 euros.





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