Free psychology video consultations: here’s how to use them


Given the many requests collected by the portal (well over 350 thousand) for the expiry of the psychologist bonus, a very valid idea was born. Since 25 November and has made 300 free psychology video consultations available to their users. The applications received are very numerous, but the resources available were only sufficient to provide them to one applicant out of every 10. A report by the EC showed that out of 300,000 applications, over 60% came from people under 35. a generation more inclined to use technology and therefore the pc and the internet. 


That’s why and have decided to activate the initiative. In addition to repeating the idea of ​​support for this type of need, there is also the possibility of a video consultation. This can represent a step forward in overcoming resistance, especially in young people to push them to go to a specialist. Thus it is possible to create a first contact and organize a cycle of meetings.  

Today, technology has opened up many avenues in all sectors. Also in this case it is useful to give psychological support to those who need it most. Often using digital tools is also harmful and precludes us from a part of social life. In this context, however, you will find the free activation of a video consultation with an expert. This in order to have the best solution to solve a psychological problem, which could often be easily solved even by opening up to a specialist.

  • 300 free video consultations: here’s how to request one (


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