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There are over 10 million people overwhelmed by fragility . Almost 4 million over 60s live in a condition of moderate or severe frailty that needs continuous assistance to avoid the worst. The solution is to give answers to avoid deep inequalities in the country. We need greater integration between health and social care , given that there are many fragilities. 


It is the “IV National Conference on the fragility and vulnerability of digital technologies and overcoming inequalities” held in the Risk Management Forum to underline these shortcomings.


Frailty is a native anthropological condition, a natural condition of the person that should not be ignored. Then there is vulnerability, an event that occurs either at birth or under certain conditions that put frailty at risk, an example is the autonomous frail elderly person who becomes vulnerable when his femur breaks. Protecting fragility therefore means preventing vulnerability.

Don Massimo Angelelli, Director of the CEI National Office for Health Pastoral Care


We therefore need solid health and social systems, single points of access, multi-professional skills and continuous training. The value of the Conference on Fragility and Vulnerability is to convey the broad theme of income, geographic and any other inequalities . There where there is an increasingly fragile state of health and which is affected by health cuts . An example of a very fragile population are the elderly who are not self-sufficient. The Pnrr by the spring of 2023 provides for a reform to achieve this goal: a tailor-made reform for non self-sufficient elderly people 

  • Risk Management forum. The integration between social and health systems is essential to give answers to fragility (


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