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Forspoken: ‘Deep Dive Special’ Video Series Announced


Square Enix has announced the arrival of a new series of videos dedicated to Forspoken , entitled “ Deep Dive Special “. The first episode of the series will be broadcast live on December 1 at 12:00 Italian time.


In reality, several Deep dives have already been published in recent months, but apparently the goal with the new series is to offer more detailed videos relating to the different aspects of the game. We can therefore expect more full-bodied Deep Dive dedicated to history, exploration, fighting and so on. Additionally, the videos will also include Q&As that will see producer Akio Ofuji, co-director Takeshi Terada, and creative producer Raio Mitsuno answer questions from the community on Twitter.

Staying on the subject, Forspoken has recently returned to show itself in videos dedicated to magic-based combat and the exploration of Athia.

Forspoken is an action RPG that follows the journey of Frey, a young New York girl who is transported to the beautiful yet cruel land of Athia – reads the official description. 


In an effort to return home, Frey must use her newly discovered magical abilities to traverse spectacular lands, battle monstrous creatures, and defeat powerful matriarchs known as the Tantas.


Before leaving you, we remind you that Forspoken will be available starting January 24, 2023 for PS5 and PC.

  • Forspoken – Deep Dive Special Episode 1 Announced for December 1st (
  • 『FORSPOKEN』公式生放送 #1 DEEP DIVE スペシャル(


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