Food: that’s why the costs are high


Three hundred million people in the world do not have enough food, of which 44 million are close to famine. Many factors affect the problem of food costs and its lack or scarcity. They are the war in Ukraine, the pandemic, high bills, the food crisis, climate change and skyrocketing fuel prices. Furthermore, the increase in fossil fuel prices has had a negative influence on the food industry. 64% of the variability in food prices could be explained by fuel prices.


The coup de grace was given by the war in Ukraine. The occupation of Russia has led to a shortage of foodstuffs. Then it drove up the cost of fossil fuels with an indirect increase in food prices. All at a time when the situation was more difficult following the pandemic . The crisis could last for years. So while the world is hungry, on the other hand agriculture risks going haywire, also due to the increase in fertilizer prices. The cost has tripled or quadrupled compared to before Covid.

To put other problems there is the climate and its sudden change that will continue to upset the world in the coming years as well. Thus global food prices could worsen. The solution would be to produce more food on less land and decrease dependence on fossil fuels. Therefore use the land available to produce food and not biofuels . Decrease the consumption of meat and for countries that have plenty of it, sell stocks of grain, increasing the availability of food on the market.

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