Food: mistakes not to be made during the Christmas holidays

Food: mistakes not to be made during the Christmas holidays.


Christmas is the most magical and festive time of the year but also a time when it is easy to go overboard with food and alcohol. To avoid putting your health at risk, it is important to follow certain dietary rules. Here are some mistakes to avoid during the Christmas holidays.

  • Overdo it with sweets. Although sweets are one of the most pleasant moments of the holidays, it is important to moderate their consumption. Sweets contain a lot of calories and can easily lead to fattening. Instead of eating large portions, try choosing lighter desserts, like cookies or fruitcakes.
  • Abusing alcohol. Alcohol is high in calories and high in sugar. While a glass of wine or a beer can be enjoyed in moderation, it’s important to avoid overdoing it. Drinking in excess can lead to serious health problems in the medium to long term.
  • Consuming too many fatty foods. Fatty foods are an important part of the Christmas season but it is important to moderate their consumption. Too many fatty foods can lead to weight and health problems. Choose healthier foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and limit your intake of foods such as burgers, fries, and fried foods.
  • Skipping meals. Even though Christmas dinner is one of the most important moments of the holidays, it’s important not to skip meals. Skipping meals can lead to overeating during the holidays and can also lead to long-term health problems.


Following these tips can help you enjoy the Christmas holidays in a healthier way. Eating moderately and choosing healthy foods can help you maintain a healthy weight and feel great during the holidays.




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