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Foldable MacBooks and iPads arriving thanks to LG screens?


The analyst Ross Young has recently talked about how Apple would be working on the idea of ​​some real folding notebooks, and now the well-known insider Mark Gurman has also had the opportunity to comment on the situation. Let’s talk about the journalist and Bloomberg insider, who in his Power On newsletter is always ready to provide important previews regarding the upcoming devices of the Cupertino giant, actually hitting the target in most cases with no margin for error.


It is good to consider that there is no mention of official information, and that apparently the devices will be able to reach the market no earlier than 2025 , with a new report that has arrived which suggests that the giant LG would take care of the various displays . The well-known The Elec portal anticipated everything in this portal , which spoke of how a very thin glass should be used to create the folding mechanism, with which we could therefore obtain a premium result.

We’ve heard of 17-inch OLED screens from LG earlier this year, which would sag 11 inches when folded, while still offering 4K resolution. According to what we know, the company has been evaluating this sector for some time, although it has not yet had the opportunity to communicate any kind of news in this sense, which would be normal imagining the many years of distance that separate us from the devices.

We just have to wait to find out what the company’s plans will be, whether we are talking about MacBooks or iPads, hoping that over time more information will emerge to clarify how Apple will decide to enter the folding device market through its main series.





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