Focusing on blockchain games, Elyzio raises $2 million in round that includes Paribu Ventures

According to the information provided by Elyzio, the startup received an investment of $ 2 million to create a blockchain-based gaming universe.

Elyzio, an initiative that aims to develop a new generation of high-quality and free-to-play games on the blockchain infrastructure , announced that it has received investment. According to the information provided by Elyzio, the startup received an investment of $ 2 million to create a blockchain-based gaming universe .


According to the information we have received, Elyzio’s $2 million investment round was led by vgames . In addition to vgames, crypto and web3 focused investment funds Shima Capital, Solana Ventures, Paribu Ventures and angel investor Abdelmounaim Derraz also participated in the investment round.

Aiming to combine the best practices of mobile and AAA game worlds with next-generation technologies such as blockchain, Elyzio ‘s main focus is to create a game world that brings together different game mechanics, social elements and user-generated content.

According to the information conveyed by Elyzio, the $2 million investment will be used for the startup’s team to grow and focus on its first game, Warden’s Will. Let’s add that Warden’s Will is an Action RPG game created with Roguelike elements that includes fast-paced action kombat and shooter mechanics.

Elyzio founders Doğan Can Yeğiner and Anas El Ferachi stated that the main focus of Elyzio is to create interesting and highly interactive new game experiences for players with the help of new generation technologies, and also stated that the blockchain infrastructure allows for a unique real-time game design.

Stating that they are very happy to lead this investment round for Elyzio, vgames manager Daniel Mironov added that Doğan and Anas focus on producing interesting content while benefiting from Web3 technologies.



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