Flooding in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia

Flooding occurred as a result of heavy rains in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Heavy rains, which have been effective since Monday in central and southern parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and southwest of Serbia, caused flooding.


In The City Of Konjic In The Central Part Of Bosnia And Herzegovina, many houses were flooded due to heavy rains, while some roads were closed to traffic. Rescue teams in Konjic, the city most affected by the rainfall in the central and southern parts of the country, rushed to the aid of citizens in many parts of the city. In the Sarajevo Canton, which also includes the capital Sarajevo, a flood warning was issued due to the increase in the water level in the rivers due to the rains. In Sarajevo, it was seen that some houses were flooded due to the torrential rain that was effective throughout the night and the water level rose in the Miljacka river in the city center.

In The City Of Senice (Sjenica), Located In The Sanjak Region, Where Bosnians Live Heavily In Serbia , 40 houses were flooded as a result of the Grabovica river overflowing with the effect of heavy rains. Rain in the region is expected to continue today and tomorrow.

A Flood warning was issued by the Hydrometeorology Institute in Kosovo due to the rains affecting the region .


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