Flood in Iran: 4 dead, 9 injured

In the flood disaster caused by heavy rains in Tehran, the capital of Iran, 4 people died and 9 people were injured. Heavy rains that were effective last night in Tehran, the capital of Iran, caused flooding.

Cafer Miyadfer, President Of Iran Emergency Services Agency, said in a statement, “Floods occurred in Tehran ‘S Imamzadeh Davud Region at around 01:30 local time at night . “4 people lost their lives in the flood, and 9 people were injured,” he said. Stating that the search and rescue efforts continue in the region, Miyadfer said, “Our search and rescue efforts continue despite the possibility of other people missing.” Tehran police officials urged people to leave their homes in the flood-affected region and stated that heavy rains will start again in the afternoon.



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