Floaters – that’s what they are

Floaters – that’s what they are.


76% of non-visually impaired people suffer from a phenomenon known as floaters. These are strange phenomena floating in the air. They are termed hoverflies, but they are not insects. They appear as mobile structures resembling small worms. Sometimes they appear in our field of vision if we are observing something bright like the sky. Or if it’s snow or a white screen. 


They also scientific name is Muscae volitantes. We are talking about small objects inside our eyes: they are pieces of tissue, red blood cells, or lumps of protein that float in the vitreous humor. It is the gelatinous substance between the lens and the retina that takes care of maintaining the eye by keeping it in shape. Through the lens, light enters the eye, activates certain cells on the retina.

The floaters move around the vitreous and cast shadows on the retina, creating images that most people see in their field of vision . Also called “floaters”, “floaters”, floaters are most visible when looking towards a clear and uniform background. If the floaters become particularly large and your vision is blurred with pain in the eyes or head, contact a specialist instead.




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