Flights: costs rising in the EU, intercontinental destinations safe

Flights: costs rising in the EU, intercontinental destinations safe.


The European Parliament and the Council predict that the EU’s emissions trading system (ETS) will still apply to flights within Europe. Flights to or from countries outside the European Economic Area will be compensated. Better said, they will be covered by the Corsia system of the United Nations. An offsetting model with a much lower price on air emissions than the ETS. A step forward in the fight against pollution guilty of climate change.

The agreement provides for the end of free allocations of polluting allowances to the aviation sector by 2026, one year ahead of the timetable proposed by the Commission.

note from the European Parliament

It plans to gradually reduce free allocations by 25% for 2024 and 50% for 2025. It also reserves 20 million allowances for commercial airline operators who increase their use of sustainable aviation fuels.


The proceeds from the auction of 5 million aviation allowances will be used to support cleaner systems. Aviation accounts for 2 to 3% of global CO2 emissions and 3.7% of those in the EU alone. Long hauls are 6% of flights departing from the European Economic AreaHowever, they are only to blame for half of all CO2 and NOx emissions. Currently, an increase in European aviation of 44% by 2050 is expected. Another fear for a possible increase in polluting emissions. 

  • It will be more expensive to fly to the EU, but Brussels saves intercontinental flights (


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