Flash China claim from Blinken: It will give weapons to Moscow to be used in Ukraine

Flash China claim from Blinken: It will give weapons to Moscow to be used in Ukraine.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken claimed that China is planning to provide arms and ammunition support to Russia for use in the Ukraine war.

The United States claimed that Beijing would supply Moscow with weapons for use in Ukraine. Speaking to CBS News, Blinken stated that Chinese companies are already providing “non-lethal” support, but Beijing may also provide “lethal support,” according to new information.


Blinken also warned that the tension in question could have “serious consequences” for China. China, on the other hand, denied the reports that the Moscow administration requested military equipment support from them.

To date, Chinese President Xi Jinping has not condemned Russia’s invasion, but has called for peace while remaining neutral in the conflict. China’s Foreign Ministry said it was unacceptable for the US to “point” and “pressure” themselves on relations with Russia.

Blinken made some statements to CBS after meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the Munich Security Conference. The American Secretary of State stated that he was “deeply concerned about the possibility of providing lethal support” by China to Russia, and continued as follows:

“So far we have seen Chinese companies provide non-lethal support to Russia for use in Ukraine. But the basis of our concerns today is based on the information we have obtained that China is giving deadly support to Russia this time.”

However, Blinken did not share details of the information obtained by the US about China’s potential plans. When asked what kind of support Beijing can give Moscow, he said that this would primarily be weapons and ammunition. The US has sanctioned a Chinese company for allegedly providing satellite images of Ukraine to the Russian mercenary group Wagner.


Blinken stated that there is no real separation between private companies and the government in China, adding that “China’s arms supply to Russia will cause a serious problem for us and our relations.” He was tense after his bubble was dropped by the United States.

China’s supply of weapons to assist Russian troops in Ukraine could cause new and greater tensions in US-China relations.

Blinken also expressed his concern about China’s aid to Moscow in the face of the sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia. China’s trade relations with Russia continue to grow. China is one of the largest markets for Russian oil, gas and coal today.

Many NATO countries, including The USA , Provide Weapons And Ammunition Support, Including Tanks, To Ukraine. Wang Yi said that they did not add fuel to the fire and continued their calls for peace and dialogue.

“I suggest that everyone, especially friends in Europe, start to think calmly about what efforts can be made to stop this war,” said Wang, Chinese Foreign Minister. “It seems that some forces do not want the negotiations to succeed or the war to end soon,” Wang said anonymously. said that.

In addition, Wang said that China will reveal its stance on the resolution of the Ukraine crisis with a document stating that the territorial integrity of all countries should be respected. Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said that Chinese President Xi will deliver a “peace speech” on February 24, the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine.

According to Tajani, speaking to Italian radio, in this speech he will make Xi’s call for peace without condemning Russia.


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