Fitness: prevention of Christmas binges

Fitness: prevention of Christmas binges.


In order not to risk falling overweight and not having disturbances associated with Christmas binges, here are some important tips. The word to the scientific director, Dr. Luigi Alberto Marrari, a specialist in Pharmacology. From phytotherapeutic supports to tips, on how to prevent and combat these ailments. 

  • avoid making a lunch + dinner combo: giving our body time and making it recover is important. Balance a lunch loaded with fat and sugar
  • limit alcohol consumption: limit yourself to one glass or not drink at lunch or dinner only
  • drink lots of water: even more than usual, it’s good to hydrate, especially when we ingest sugars and fats in larger doses than usual. Drink especially away from meals
  • exercise: lead an active life, swim or go to the gym. Dispose of excesses and maintain a healthy style 
  • vary the diet: also important during the holidays, alternating animal and vegetable proteins, but also carbohydrates. Fruits and vegetables must never be missing
  • do not necessarily consume all courses: if others decide to choose a complete menu, one can always disassociate. Choose a single sweeter course or an appetizer plus a second course
  • pure air: even if it’s cold, you have to walk and go out, this brings many benefits for oxygenation and intestinal motility
  • plan with sugars, salt and fats: if in excess they can create high blood pressure, distended stomach, greater retention of fluids, cholesterol, blood sugar
  • meet for coffee: the important thing is to be together, there are 365 days to recover lunches and dinners
  • phytotherapeutic support: the help of nature is always ideal. There are plants with digestive properties that are real cure-alls. For example ginger, bergamot, licorice, fennel and papaya

It is important to purify and detoxify : broccoli is ideal for these two functions . It has gastroprotective and antioxidant properties. There is also matricaria as a soothing and spasmolytic on the gastrointestinal mucosa, it also counteracts stomach pain. Gotu kola has an anti-inflammatory action, as well as repairing the damaged mucosa. 

Fennel stimulates digestion and benefits gastric emptying and stomach relaxation. Bergamot is able to reduce the levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol, and increase those of the good “HDL” cholesterol. Furthermore, it promotes the uptake of blood glucose in the liver. Ginger improves digestion, papaya is ideal as an anti-inflammatory. Lastly, Greek mastic with an antimicrobial and astringent function. 


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