First delivery of “C919”

It has been reported that the first delivery of China’s domestic production passenger aircraft “C919” was made to China Eastern airline.

According to Xinhua’s report, the plane with the registration number “B-919A” took off from Shanghai Pudong International Airport and was delivered to the airline at Hongqiao International Airport in the same city.


It is envisaged that passenger planes designed as “Boeing 737” and “Airbus 320” equivalents will be used in commercial flights as of 2023.

Developed by the state-owned Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), the single-aisle narrow-body aircraft can carry between 156 and 168 passengers.

The model made its first test flight on May 14; It received its “type license”, which registered its flightworthiness, on 30 September, and its production license on 30 November.

China Eastern had reached an agreement with COMAC to purchase the planes for $99 million each, with the agreement signed in March 2021.



The airline plans to use the aircraft on domestic flights from Shanghai to the cities of Beijing, Guangcou, Xinjiang and Qingdu.

With the launch of the “mid-haul” passenger aircraft, which is the most widely used aircraft type in the civil aviation sector in the world, it is evaluated that China can have a share in the global passenger aircraft market dominated by US Boeing and European Airbus companies.

Although the C919, which was started to be developed by COMAC in 2008, aims to reduce the country’s dependence on foreign sources, it is not completely domestic, as critical components such as jet engine and control software are produced by US companies such as General Electric and Honeywell.


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