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Fire Emblem Engage: launch trailer and featurette for the new chapter of the series

Fire Emblem Engage: launch trailer and featurette for the new chapter of the series.


“Summon emblems, follow your destiny!” Uncover the story of the Dragon God and fight alongside legendary heroes in turn-based tactical battles in Fire Emblem Engage for Nintendo Switch, available today. To celebrate the debut of the new chapter of the historic saga, Nintendo has released not only the official launch trailer, but also a special featurette dedicated to newcomers to the series, who will know everything they need to know before embarking on this new adventure.


Game Synopsis:
Every thousand years, legendary heroes called emblems imbue the one who wields the 12 emblem rings with extraordinary power. As the ritual approaches, Alear, the Dragon God of prophecy, awakens to collect the rings and bring peace to the continent.
However, the Evil Dragon Sombron, archenemy of the Divine Dragon, pursues his nefarious goals and wants to take possession of the rings in turn. Only Alear and those who remain loyal to the Dragon God stand against Sombron to prevent the total destruction of the continent…

This is the official description of the game:
Take command of the army of the Divine Dragon and face enemies in turn-based strategic battles on the continent of Elyos. Prepare your attacks carefully, evaluating each individual hero’s moves and weapons. Only in this way will you lead your troops to victory!
Command the Dragon God’s army in turn-based tactical battles across the continent of Elyos. Assemble your team and strategically exploit each ally’s weapons and abilities.
Use emblem rings to summon legendary heroes from past Fire Emblem titles. Their skills and special attacks will give you the edge on the battlefield!
The mighty emblem rings can bring harmony or destruction to the Elyos, depending on who wields them. Only you, as the Divine Dragon Alear, can save the world from falling into the hands of the Dread Dragon Sombros. Summon your army and face the darkness on the battlefield!
Between battles, the Somniel is your home. Here, you can strengthen bonds with your allies, purchase new weapons and armor, forge bond rings to improve character stats, create challenges for other players from around the world in the Trials Tower, and much more!


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