Fire at oil facility in Cuba brought under control after 5 days

The fire, which broke out at the crude oil storage facility in Matanzas, Cuba, was brought under control 5 days later.

The Fire , which started as a result of a lightning strike on August 5 at the crude oil storage facility located in an industrial zone in the city of Matanzas, located in the west of Cuba , was brought under control as a result of the works that continued for 5 days.


It was stated that the dense smoke in the air decreased after the fire, which was described as the worst fire in Cuban history and destroyed 40 percent of the Caribbean island’s main crude oil storage facility in 5 days, causing major power outages. “We managed to control the fire today,” Interior Ministry official Rolando Vecino said at the scene. While the authorities did not disclose how much fuel was lost in the fire that destroyed 4 fuel tanks, they stated that there was no oil pollution in Matanzas Bay. However, residents were warned to wear masks and avoid acid rain due to the heavy smoke caused by the fire.

The fire, which broke out as a result of a lightning strike on a fuel tank in the fuel storage facility on Friday night, spread to other parts on Sunday, and an explosion occurred in a total of 4 fuel tanks. One firefighter died in the fire that lasted for days.



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