Fintor, which helps to invest in real estate, received an investment of $ 6.2 million with a valuation of 80 million

Fintor helps anyone invest in real estate like investing in stocks and crypto, and lets its clients invest in properties for as little as $5

Palo Alto-based Fintor helps everyone invest in real estate, just like investing in stocks and crypto. The company also has the authority to offer investors partial stakes in properties it owns under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Regulation A.

Fintor allows its clients to invest in properties for as little as $5 . The platform currently offers shares in single-family homes in states such as Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and Alabama. No user can invest more than 10 percent of the total property value of each asset on Fintor. Users can buy and sell shares of an investment property, similar to how assets are bought and sold on public markets. Shareholders of a property can receive monthly dividends from rental income.

Fintor encourages users to stay generally up to date on the industry through its exclusive in-app news feed, The Hub. With this feature, users can access relevant news across commercial media, LinkedIn, Twitter and more to gain insights from industry experts and market leaders in real estate. 


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